Jun 29, 2012

Keith and His Other Fluffy Friends

Took Keith to Taman Safari last Tuesday.

Some pictures were taken by my sister.

Jun 27, 2012

Matah Ati

I had a chance to watch Matah Ati last Monday with my sister and friends from Art Appreciation class.
In my personal opinion : the show was visually stunning and beautiful, but it didn't really give a big impact to me. My favorite part was seeing how the choreograph was so symmetrically arranged and the wedding scene of Raden Mas Said and Rubiyah, but I can't praise this show that much as most of the audiences did....maybe because I don't understand Javanese at all or I'm not really into wayang orang.
However, I appreciate the whole cast and crews of Matah Ati for bringing up the issue of Indonesian culture. They did a wonderful job :)

We were actually not allowed to take pictures but, I HAD to. (The girls who sat in front of me also did the same thing with their iPhones.)
The main cast looked so exhausted.
 Tired Jay Subyakto was tired. So was the camera.
 And it's me with my friends, got featured on Matah Ati's Twitter account.

Jun 20, 2012

Jun 14, 2012

Historical Places

Just like what my sister said... don't just go to malls to seek entertainment. Museums will amuse you in a different way, with knowledge as a bonus.

If you are free for a day, don't hesitate to visit Museum Bank Indonesia! You don't have to pay for the entrance ticket, it's 100% free, yet it is really worth it. The museum is surprisingly well-treated, the interior is modernly designed and there are so many stuffs to explore. The history of Bank Indonesia is very well-ordered with rich informations that come up with life-size figures, interactive presentations, original newspaper articles, and other artifacts. My favorite part was looking at the paper money collections around the world.

 Ragusa. The service was quite bad (the waiters were so unfriendly), but the ice cream... oh I want to eat more!

Me with the Art Appreciation class went to Museum Nasional last week. Not really strikes my fancy because I'm not really interested in prehistoric times, but eventually I found painting exhibition which was presented by Embassy of Italy and I had much more fun sight-seeing there.

Felt like walking on Salar de Uyuni.

After Museum Nasional, we went to Galeri Nasional Indonesia to see the exhibition of Indonesian maestro of modern painting, Raden Saleh. We had a chance to see his famous masterpiece, Penangkapan Pangeran Diponegoro and watch the documentary film. The exhibition will be held until this Sunday, so don't miss it!