Aug 9, 2012

10 Days to Go

Guys, thank you so much for kindly helping me to introduce Aubergine Garland to the community! It was really flattering and exciting for me to see actual people's responses towards what I'm working on. I'm so stoked to run this tiny business, by doing something I love and earn extra money from it (yay), but the bad news is... the third semester of my university life has begun and I have to brace myself for sleepless nights, tasks, tasks, tasks, being sick with flu, abandoned tower of dishes in washing basin and so on. 
Aubergine Garland is still open for business during my hard times hehe, and I'll check my mailbox every day so don't you worry about neglected messages. I'll always reply every e-mail that comes, I love receiving e-mails. Massive new designs for postcard are about to come, by the way!

10 days to go until libur Lebaran.


eudoraa said...

goodluck for the new semester and i can't wait the "libur lebaran" hihi

Jessica Xu said...

thank you! yay me too haha!

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