Sep 29, 2012

A Post With So Many Labels (and Words)...

I had a big thing to announce but I will talk about it later. Maybe next year. If only you guys care. Meanwhile....

Sights of Europe with South-East map as background. The Eiffel Tower, the swan, and the harbor were captured by Thia (Instagram : ThiaElz) with her Lomo. I went to her place last week and she got this pocket, full of these kind of hipster photos (that was what she said) and well yeah, I HAD to grab some of them, hehe. Her new kitchen is cool, one side of its wall is fully covered with cork, a pin board material. So yeah... she is free to pin anything up there. A giant pin board, I'll totally get one for my future working space, or bedroom.

Those photos are so... postcard.

And I just bought my second Paul Arden book (I worship him), Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite. I terribly need a BIG self-help right now so, I thank God for these readings. It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be was actually a birthday gift for a friend, but I took it back because it is much more useful to me. I will replace the book with another, better gift. I hope he will read this.

Again, today, I just finished watching Moonrise Kingdom, movie of the year in my version. Errr I didn't watch a lot of movies this year (confession : the last time I went to cinema was when I went to watch The Avengers) and the excuse is not I don't have any company, but simply because I wasn't really interested, I'd rather spend my money for shopping and I'm easily distracted with any kind of annoying audiences around my seat. Too many bunch of chatty girls who discussed the whole story during the film or screaming babies.
And oh about the Moonrise Kingdom itself, it was set in 1965, which is already a huge reason why do I love this movie so much. The two protagonists, Suzy and Sam, make an undeniably lovely couple although their look contrasted with each other. Suzy is so beautiful, she has a 24-years-old look in 12-years-old figure. Sam, oh, Sam, he is tremendously cute like a baby. Their story was written in an uncanny plot, and totally enjoyable.
I liked Moonrise Kingdom's Fan Page months before I managed to watch this movie. Tavi Gevinson was the one who introduced this movie on her blog. And speaking about Tavi....

She liked the self-portrait artwork that I made for her on Instagram!!! And I realized it after the notification was sent five days ago. Couldn't be happier! She has became my big muse since I started to stalk her a few weeks ago, and a lot of weird projects popped up in my mind. Involving old Barbie toys and another abandoned stuffs that I kept inside the treasure box of my childhood.

This ultra cute painting of me was made by Hanna, so surprised when she sent me this hehe... and as an art trade, I sent her this. Quite similar because of the pink-ness, bunny, Wonderland-theme and cupcake?

Nah that's all what I have got so far. I talked quite a lot, I feel better.

Sep 20, 2012

Tutorial : How to Draw a Cupcake

Some of my readers have dropped drawing tutorial requests via e-mail, Tumblr and Formspring and actually, I have prepared this since monts ago yet it's left abandoned because...I forgot to publish it haha! I'm so sorry. 
This tutorial is how to draw a cupcake with Adobe Photoshop (my version is CS 3). Cupcake is one of my favorite objects to draw and I think it's really simple and easy to work on for beginners. This is my very first drawing tutorial, I'm trying my best to make this as clear as possible and you're always welcomed to ask me questions :)

1. Let's start! Go launch Adobe Photoshop and choose "File > New". For the Preset, "Default Photoshop Size" is okay. Now you are ready with your blank page, start with "Create a New Layer". Make sure that "Layer 1" is selected when you make your drawing.

2. My trick to make a smooth drawing : do a lot of "Zoom-In"s! This will make you closer to your paper. Click the magnifier icon and do the zoom-in until you feel close enough. 

3. Now start drawing the outline. Pick "Brush" from the tool box. For the brush size, size "2" is my favorite. If you have difficulties to draw a smooth line, you can do the zoom-in again. I also do the same when I have to draw small details :)

4. Done with the cupcake outline? Now draw lines for the cupcake paper liner effect. Switch to "1" for the brush size. The "Thick and Thin" technique makes your drawing becomes more alive.

5. Outline is now done! Now is the time for coloring session. Start with "Create a New Layer" again because outline and color has to be placed in two different layers. 

6. I always start with the cherry on top.

7. Coloring the paper liner is the most fun part for me. Be creative with the patterns! You can make the polkadot pattern by using the bigger size of Brush and make one simple click to create a dot.

8. Fill the chocolate.

9. Finishing touch! It feels like decorating real cupcakes, doesn't it? ;D

10. After you are done, click the magnifier icon again and go zoom-out. Enjoy the result!

11. Do you plan to bake more cupcakes? Right-click on "Layer 1" and select "Duplicate Layer..." and "Ok."

12. Keep duplicating the cupcake outline until you've reached the amount that you want.

13. And yes, repeat the same steps in coloring session by using different colors and details... and you'll get a ton of various cupcakes in no time!

So these are my basic steps of drawing on Adobe Photoshop. Draw outlines and color them. As simple as that. You can explore more and try new objects to draw every day!
 I hope you find this tutorial useful and if you are going to give it a try, it will be my huge pleasure to see your cupcakes! Show me your result via Twitter, e-mail, or anything... and if I happen to receive a lot of submissions, I'm going to post them here :D

PS : Feel free to grab these cupcakes!

Sep 7, 2012

Pink Plaid

Big thanks to Alexa, owner of Berry Nail Art for giving me this super cute pink owl fake nails. She knows that I'm a big fan of Owl City ;)
By the way, as I have said before about my Observational Graphics video assignment, here it is :

It was all done at the side of streets in Karawaci on Eid ul-Fitr day, which was a perfect timing to do a video shoot because there were not many people around. And yeah the process was still embarassing...
Looks like it isn't that easy to get out from this pink thingy.