Jan 7, 2013

Random Shots #9


Josephine Sutji said...

omg your new header! supah lavv itttt ♥ teach me master lol ;;)

Jessica Xu said...

Thank you, Josephinee :3 hehehehe

JAL. said...

ohh my, cc !
you need to get into DKV !!
Really super love with your new header, such a sweet and lovely picture >.<

btw, super awkward . Fake Gorilla?! hahah

JAL. said...

oh! may I know where you buy the pendant bracelet? thanks a lot c :)

Jessica Xu said...

udah pindah kok ;) hehe thank you Janice...gelangnya beli di sini : http://www.facebook.com/loonystore

Delia Salsabila said...

Cute bracelet
Love the new header :)x


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