Dec 20, 2014


2014 is coming to the end and two of my biggest happinesses came at the edge of this year: a set of token of gratitude from Instagram, the social media platform which recently beat Twitter for collecting more than 300 million users. As I try to not abandon this blog (big failure, so far...), the book and the calendar motivate me to produce more and more beautiful photos, but I have come to a conclusion that I should produce more and more artworks to sharpen my skill instead of taking pictures of my dinner from above (it is not a sin as long as the meal is good-looking so I will keep doing it). So the final conclusion is that I'm going to snap whatever I'm working on; hand drawings, WIPs, sneak peek from my digital drawing, printed drawings, etc. In the beautiful way.
I hope you are not submerged in a Life of Stagnancy like me!

Oct 21, 2014

Featured: Me, You, Us

The brilliant Lisa Currie from The Scribble Diary has just launched her second book Me, You, Us and she invited artists all over the world to share their scribbles on some pages of Me, You, Us. I was drawn to Lisa via Instagram and absolutely love her clever projects and snaps of her tickling drawings! Definitely a huge yay to see my silly and super tacky scribbles featured on her page and Instagram feed, because it's actually pretty sad to fill the Matching Tattoos page...alone by myself. I have to visualize my future 30-years-old daughter and here is the result. You can read what Lisa said about my tattoos here and here.

Oct 16, 2014

Suggested User

Hi, in all of sudden I was struck by an urge to share my personal stories again I'm starting with (sadly) one of the biggest thing that occurred in my life: featured as Suggested User in Instagram. However, this post isn't really intended to be read so you may not keep going. I'm actually pretty embarrassed with my words. But why did I write this post? Because, yeah..
This happened nearly three months ago, when I woke up in one normal morning and noticed a dramatical change in my Followers number and checked my Direct Message; Instagram congratulated me for being listed as Suggested User for several weeks. Some of my friends and my sister were pretty cruel for not taking it as a big deal. I really didn't mean to dramatize things, but Instagram is currently one of the biggest social networking app in the world with millions of users... and out of these millions, I was chosen! I was more than thrilled and incredibly proud of myself. It was very exciting too to check how my Followers grew so fast in just one minute and how one single photo that I post gained so many Likes.
But I had a problem.
Apparently, I was not really lucky. I received new Instagram users as my followers. And those users, were actually pretty....uneducated? I didn't know what happened, but they constantly spammed on my account! Heavily and massively spammed. Hundreds of Direct Messages were sent to my inbox for weeks and when I finally was brave enough to check them out, I found creepy selfies, creepy selcas, and creepy cartoons in each message. I blocked the senders entirely. What annoyed me most was definitely "please follow me back" comments. They are EVERYWHERE. I have been greatly sick of people who keep begging for a follow-back since Twitter...and now these people are planted in my account. Thousands of them. And whenever I posted a portrait of myself, disturbing comments from male users were posted behind it as well. I'm not a good person and maybe God was punishing me. Oh and I have to inform you that I'm a little bit mentally disturbed when it comes to human-beings who don't understand the true meaning of using social media and unable to appreciate the beauty of sharing visual diary on Internet, so please excuse me.
Four weeks later, I decided to e-mail Instagram regarding Suggested User removal because I couldn't handle it anymore. I got removed a week later (I was disappointed with the slow progress because I gained around one thousand useless spammers in that one week).
Unfortunately, I'm not completely getting rid of them because it's still linked. Friends of friends of spammers still come to my account to spam. I still receive 4 or 5 Direct Messages from creepy strangers in a month. I have been seriously thinking of using IGExorcist to cull them, but I have to do it manually to prevent culling my friends, which means I have to filter 17,000 users one by one........
I promise to post something way more positive next time. Until then.

Sep 21, 2014

Shop at Favechic!

I received this extremely darling dress from in June, and I have just managed to publish this post three months later! My lack of confidence to pose for an outfit shoot and my sister's unavailability to take my photos were the main problems but I'm not here to sob about it... let's talk about, the website I should thank for giving me this beautiful bird-patterned mint dress! is a new fashion e-commerce which was previously developed in Malaysia and Singapore. It curates fashion from regional marketplaces in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan to provide convenience to customers in South East Asia, including Indonesia. This means, provides not only cute, stylish and wide-ranged fashion stuffs but also very affordable and come with high quality. Sounds perfect, right? To add your excitement, has a mobile app as well! You can download it for free in App Store and Google Play.

The experience of browsing with Favechic app is a pleasure and I'm sure you'll feel the same. Just like Pinterest, users can browse fashion, share and follow other users. You can view each item with detailed information, price tag, size and measurements, also with clear photos. You can easily make a purchase directly with this app as well.

And here is a set of my personal favorite picks from I adore so many items, especially the Peter Pan-collared dresses, patterned dresses and vintage-inspired loafers. My wish list is sooo going to get longer if I browse further...but I can't handle it anymore, with too many cute items that I find on!

Aug 23, 2014

His Twenty Second

I gave Josh this heart-made fairytale as birthday present along with Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns comic as he requested. The progress was a pure joy; it turns out that I enjoy hand drawing more than digital drawing. I still have to do a ton of practices with color picking and pen strokes though.

Jul 5, 2014

Sketched Strangers #2

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Two months of total blog abandonment!!! I'm congratulating myself. This blog missed a lot of things: my 21st birthday, farewell with my flat and hello to my new apartment, things I recently made, things I recently purchased, my depression, stuffs etc…. but actually it has been pretty mundane as always. So, abandonment is not a bad thing. You're not here to read my whine over and over again though.
However, here's the second batch of Sketched Strangers. Finishing them felt like working on paperworks because I can't conveniently draw and color each person straight after I caught them with my eye.

Apr 26, 2014

A Month Later...

Yet another obligatory post so this month won't be left alone with zero post. I'm counting hours to my first day of fifth semester, counting days to my birthday (which I'm not pleased about, because next year is Taylor Swift's turn to continuously sing in my head), and counting weeks to moving-out day from my old flat. And I'm constantly disappointed with myself for not completing tasks that I think I should have done ages, ages, ages ago... Okay I'm going to cut the fuss, and here is a list of songs that I enjoy so much and you might like.

Mar 20, 2014

Mar 19, 2014

Recent Sadness

It has been a month since I lost my dearest laptop for good, caused by my own stupidity for leaving it on ATM machine right after I finished a short transaction. Long story short, the very last sight of my laptop that I only could remember was when I put it on the machine. I really didn't remember if I took it again with me when I was done or not. And neither did my friends who waited outside. I didn't go anywhere else, went home with my friend after that, and I realized that I didn't have my laptop in my hands when I reached my flat door; it was around 10 minutes after I left the ATM centre. I jumped to my friend's car straight away and headed back there....but it's already gone. The most horrible part was definitely when I had to make a phone call with my mother (with my father yelling behind her) while the tiring and reluctant part was a series of obligatory actions in order to 'save' a missing valuable property: went to the police office (I'm still terribly insulted by such freaking useless people. The brigadier didn't even know how to spell 'apple'), involved bank, security department and building management office. Later, I was granted an access to see the recording from the security camera that placed across the ATM centre (oh, I didn't manage to get an access to the ATM's security camera, too much fuss from the bank's privacy system) and here comes the weird thing: it was seen that I still held my laptop in my hands after I left the ATM centre. The footage was a bit unclear and blurry but I could see it by myself that my hand was holding it for real. My head was blasted with gazillion question marks. How come????????????????
However,  I have done moaning and crying over the great loss. I'm still pretty sad tho, because my laptop was my everything, LOL. I lost a great amount of files along with it but most of them were inspirational pictures that I gathered from Internet, so it doesn't really matter. I (thank God and Heavens) have made a backup of my artwork and saved it to my external hard disk, except for sticker images and fairy tale illustrations for a work that Josh and I were working on. I'm now working with my sister's previous MacBook (which is ancient, but its excellent performance pleases me so I have nothing to be complained about).
Okay, so... I'm sorry for the lack of posts... I'm having a massive cramp right now and can't think clearly, but thank you so much for reading! See you soon on my next serious post.

Feb 14, 2014


Happy St. Valentine's Day, everyone! I hope you have a great one, because mine is gloomy. Josh is so far away and we cannot have a typical Valentine dinner tonight and I have to work on my tasks and assignments instead.

But I was super glad he could make a short visit last week. We only took one photograph together, and I tried to recall our OOTDs by making these paperdolls.

And he gave me a set of early Valentine gift as well: a box full of tasty brownies, Kate Spade earrings and a cover of Paul McCartney's My Valentine. I made a playlist to celebrate this lovey-dovey day and feel free to give a listen! Josh is on track number one. You can tell how lucky I am to have a beau with such an angelic voice. Do visit his SoundCloud if you'd love to hear more from him.

And latest project... Custom book, specially requested by Achi.

Jan 30, 2014

Sketched Strangers #1

I have been wanting to do this for a VERY, very, very long time and finally managed to post one!! 
Every time I caught people in interesting outfits, manners or doing anything whimsical, I took my phone straight away and typed descriptive notes about each person because unfortunately I don't have photographic memory aaand I know it sounds creepy but yeah. Actually I have been observing and taking notes for two years or so, but those notes ended up missing or deleted by accident. The strangers above came from the newest list that I have made recently.