May 23, 2015

Current Possession

When it comes to splurge, I will always choose to do it on books rather than clothes.  These are some that I have purchased so far. (Actually this is a long postponed post, so I haven't snapped the other newly-purchased ones to be included here.) 
I obtained the used books (Sara Midda's, Through the Garden Gate, Wild Flowers By Colour) from @secretstaircase on Instagram. The owner is so graciously kind and always gave me some trinkets along with the books that I purchased from her! Meanwhile, the spectacular and thick A Life of Style was gifted by my wonderful pen pal, Maya. Still can't thank her enough for sending me such an amazing book *___*
100 Years of Fashion was given by Josh when we were visiting a bookstore. I also love this probably have read about my review on my previous post (oh and by the way, I didn't win the competition). Audrey Hepburn: An Elegant Spirit is an absolute favorite of mine simply because it's the sincerest biography of hers. It was written by her first son, Sean, and features a load of unpublished family documentation. For every fan of Audrey, this book should be on your shelf.
My two favorite magazines would be Monocle and Frankie although I'm not a regular buyer. I always like everything that Monocle discuss in its every issue, despite the fact that I'm not their target market. I also find Frankie very delightful...sadly, the price is seriously not friendly here in Indonesia. Josh thinks that it is really ridiculous to spend so much money on a single edition, while I could buy another nice and useful graphic book with the same amount of cash :/

May 15, 2015

Missing This View

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