Aug 29, 2015

Random Shots #14

When was the last time I posted Random Shots?? A year ago! Ever since I only took pictures with my iPhone, I feel that I have lost the sense of noticing mundane-yet-worth-capturing things around me. I'm really sad about it. Day by day, my disappointment towards myself for losing my pink Canon's charger and USB cable grows greater. That pocket camera was my loyal companion on my active blogging days for more than 3 years and following my latest relocation, the charger + cable are nowhere to be found. My sister even lost her Yotsuba & I! comic books. I really want to switch back to my dear old camera but it's pure useless without the battery charger. And I'm simply too hesitant to buy new portable camera...

(PS: It was me who made that glorious Audrey Hepburn painting.)

Aug 22, 2015


Josh celebrated his 23rd birthday last week. We are still enduring the pain of being in a long distance relationship, so I sent the birthday gift via mail and ordered a super tasty Oreo mille-crêpe cake to be delivered to him. The Batman: Year One comic book is his request, and apparently DC comic books will always make it to his present list every year... (I also gave him Frank Miller's Batman last year). The tiger-eye bead bracelet was a love at first sight when I saw it online; I thought it's very him. And the Love Coupons pack was made by me with love. Seen here is Josh in his infamous Dao Ming Shi-ish hair. Two days after he received this, he got his hair cut. Shoot!
I'd like to tag photos of my latest two birthday presents here since I didn't make any posts about it.

This wooden dish + spoon set and twenty-two cheese blocks are what Josh got for me this year. And they came to my door on April 5 instead of May 4 due to the shop owner's loss of memory and integrity.

Delicious food given to me on my 21st birthday last year. My mom cooked the "noodle of longevity" and the strawberry mille-crêpe cake was sent by Josh.

This pink peonies bouquet is probably one of the best birthday present ever! I attempted to press the petals and failed miserably. Josh also bought me a set of print and cards by one of my favorite illustrators, Becca Stadtlander.