Aug 29, 2015

Random Shots #14

When was the last time I posted Random Shots?? A year ago! Ever since I only took pictures with my iPhone, I feel that I have lost the sense of noticing mundane-yet-worth-capturing things around me. I'm really sad about it. Day by day, my disappointment towards myself for losing my pink Canon's charger and USB cable grows greater. That pocket camera was my loyal companion on my active blogging days for more than 3 years and following my latest relocation, the charger + cable are nowhere to be found. My sister even lost her Yotsuba & I! comic books. I really want to switch back to my dear old camera but it's pure useless without the battery charger. And I'm simply too hesitant to buy new portable camera...

(PS: It was me who made that glorious Audrey Hepburn painting.)


Eka Dyana said...

a really nice painting :)

Janangelica L said...

nice shots :) And I'm feel sorry for your loss. It must be so precious for you, since it's pink. Hope that it will be popped out somewhere, and you finally find it!

Mei めい said...

Love all the shots! Hope you can find them soon! :)

Big Dreamer

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