Sep 23, 2015


I used to make every post about my social events in excruciating details back then, and it appears that this post is the first one since forever. Anyway... I was invited to Carousell's Lunch Gathering last Saturday because I'm taking a part of their #shopmycarousell campaign. Unfortunately I've been pretty sick with cough and flu since Wednesday yet thankfully I was healthy enough to attend the event. I wonder if anyone noticed my terribly ugly voice and painfully constant coughs.

Yeah I took a load of crap photos :( After the gathering, we wandered around Brightspot. I (figuratively) drooled over Olivia Burton watches.

The day after, Vicky and I had our long-postponed birthday dinner at Gastromaquia. The four of us coincidentally wore white (although in different hues) and left Vicky alone in her oriental sack-look-alike dress, lol.

My face frequently ruins the group shot.


Carlyn Brody said...

I'm glad that you were feeling well enough to attend the event. I hope you are feeling better.

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