Oct 17, 2015

Audrey at Home

When I heard there'd be another biography book of Audrey Hepburn, I rushed to my favorite online bookstore, searched for the title and ordered one. I was overjoyed; this new book looks perfect! It's a biography kitchen table book (how adorable does it sound?), includes more unpublished family photos, original handwritten recipes from Audrey herself and it's written by the second son, Luca Dotti (I think young Luca is the most handsome kid ever). I had to purchase it, not just because for the sake of my collection but also to support the hazy research for my Final Project.
I love Audrey at Home so much. I also treasure Audrey Hepburn, An Elegant Spirit (which was written by the first son, Sean Ferrer) but Sean shared numerous sad events all the way through the book and I literally ended up reading in tears. I love the warm vibes that Audrey at Home presents, although Luca mentioned a bit of unhappy moments as well. It's also quite fascinating to see more pictures of Audrey in her 40s and 50s because I have seen far too many Audrey in her 20s...not because it's a bad thing, of course not duh, but looking at the middle-aged version of my idol at her home is such a refreshment.
Anyway, the highlight is what happened after I posted a picture of Audrey at Home on Instagram and tagged Luca on it. He commented with three smiley faces and liked the photo, which is more than enough for me. But seven hours later, I checked my notification and apparently Luca came back to my feed, browsed through and liked some of my old photos! And he started following me too!!! I'm still shivering with joy: Audrey Hepburn's son is following me on Instagram! 

Haha I easily get overexcited about this kind of thing... when Benedict Cumberbatch's ex-girlfriend accepted my request to follow her on Twitter, I was so happy like a fool too.

Oct 7, 2015

Giveaway! Win Kate Spade Bag From Carousell App!

Another giveaway, ladies! But this time, it's open for Indonesian residents only, sorry!
First, let me introduce the amazing host of this amazing giveaway: Carousell app. I've been selling my preloved and used goods for quite a long time and I think I have sold more than a hundred (mostly clothes). It was all started from making a page on Facebook, then later Instagram and now on Carousell app. The third one is the best platform to do your online garage sale because Carousell is specially designed to provide you an unlimited and 100% free spot to display your stuffs. Now can be the right time to finally inspect your room, observe your hidden stash, clean up the abandoned clutter and list some cute sweaters you never wear or shoes that no longer fit your size. And what to do next? Download Carousell for free (available on AppStore and Google Play Store) or check the
the web version here. Here's the extremely three easy steps to start your business with Carousell app:

1. Click "Sell"
2. Take a picture of your item
3. Input the title, description and price
And you are done!

Now let's talk about the giveaway! Carousell is currently having this campaign called #SHOPMYCAROUSELL (yes, do check the hashtag on Instagram!) where Indonesian bloggers and celebs are gathered to sell their preloved goods. The mentioned giveaway is linked to this campaign, and here are the details:

1. Shop anything from Carousell
2. Take a picture of you with goods you have purchased (it can be an OOTD post)
3. Post it on Instagram. Don't forget to put your Carousell username, the seller's Carousell username, tag @carousell_id and #ilovecarousell

The giveaway ends on October 23, 2015. The top 5 posts will be sorted for the second round and OOTD voting. And the prizes are (total worth IDR 6.600.000):

FIRST PRIZE: Kate Spade Bag (Red Cedar Street Maise Bag) worth IDR 5.000.000
SECOND PRIZE: Fossil Wallet (Maroon Zip Around Leather Wallet) worth IDR 1.000.000
THIRD PRIZE: Enamel Juicy Jeyfob Bag Charm by Juicy Couture worth IDR 600.000

How exciting! Do click: bit.ly/carousellOOTD for more info!

I also encourage you ladies to shop my closet ;) Feel free to browse through my Carousell account on www.carousell.con/weirdoinpink or search my username: weirdoinpink. The admin from Carousell app will gladly help you with inquires and transactions if you desire to purchase something.

Oct 2, 2015

Giveaway! Weirdoinpink x OHMYBOWS

Ladies! Fancy some beautiful hair bows?
I'm currently hosting my very first giveaway on Instagram; a collaboration with OHMYBOWS from US. Check their webstore and Instagram to please yourself with so many handmade, delightful hair bows to enhance your inner princess and kawaii-ness!
Anyway, the brilliant news is that you have a chance to win 3 hair bows with your own choice, simply by entering the giveaway on Instagram! I have posted the rules on my account there (@weirdoinpink), so do check it out! I luckily received 6 hair bows, kindly sent by the sweet co-owner, Jeanette:

Aren't they super beautiful? I'm totally smitten! My favorite is the Sushi-patterned one ;)