Mar 21, 2016

Sketched Strangers #5

My favorites this time would be the pretty blonde lady and the Korean boy, who live in the same apartment with me. The lady always wears eye-catching outfit every time I run into her yet I could only remember this one (perhaps because it's pink-themed). I saw the little boy at the swimming pool and couldn't take my eyes off his inflatable beach ball! It's translucent, sparkly and got a cute toy porpoise inside; the drawing really doesn't do it any justice.

Mar 10, 2016

Lost & Found Shoppe x Vanilla x Weirdoinpink ;)

The joy of collaborating with two of your favorite shops at the same time! The artwork above was commissioned by Lost & Found Shoppe and Vanilla Shoes for their flagship store opening a few weeks ago. Lost & Found is a curated boutique where you can shop locally-made products and vintage findings while Vanilla Shoes, provides the most stylish (and comfy!) footwear. The project itself was kind of rushed but I had fun working on it.

Vanilla's beautiful collection. Vintage-inspired, ethnic, casual, and quirky got them all.

These savory Eighteen Pies were heavenly. One of the best treats ever.

The lovely Anggono sisters who founded and managed Lost & Found and Vanilla Shoes. If you are coming to Pantai Indah Kapuk, be aware of this cute tosca-painted facade and do stop by!