Dec 29, 2011

Two Days Left

2011 was not really a good year, but it was a definitely important one. Senior Year, birthday celebration in Bali, Prom Night, graduation, first semester in the university, and a series of farewells and new beginnings were occurred this year. 2011 was a tough year too. I have to say that my days were quite full of misery...yes I won't blame the year. Anyway, let's just be better for 2012.

Dec 28, 2011

Old Love, Japan

Hey, people! It turns out that I have the Internet connection back in my hand after Mom decided to buy new portable USB modem, so just add a bold strikethrough on my last sentence of previous post.
I have some stock of photos to post, but I remember I have been keeping these pictures from my friend, Cindy when she spent her summer vacation in Japan. 

Speaking about Japan, I was dying about it and made a promise to myself and a friend to go there before 17. Yeah, silly dream. I was an otaku and faithful manga reader back then, but the transition made me want to BURN all of my comic books. Manga gave me a huge influence in my childhood. My first comic book ever is Sailor Moon. But I guess I will totally get rid of these big-sparkly-eyed girls, haha... it's just so obvious for me that most of modern shoujo manga stories have seriously boring and flat plot with exaggerating figures. So I stop reading them. And besides, comics are damn so expensive now. Last time I checked, it's IDR 16.500 for each book. I'd rather buy myself a tube of Pringles with that money. But I'm still following the epic series of One Piece and delight daily stories such as Doraemon, Miiko, Kobo Chan and Yotsuba. They are way more entertaining than typical teenager love stories. And by the way, doesn't mean to be sexist... male mangakas write better stories than the female mangakas.
Another thing is, I want to change my style of drawing so bad, but it requires a hard exercise. If I draw a girl, the character still gets this pair of remarkable sparkly eyes which is... so anime

Dec 25, 2011

I Wish You a Fun Christmas!


Greetings from a place where entertainment does not exist. I can't access the internet for 2 weeks at all, even from my Blackberry. So I wish you all a great holiday! See you next year! *poof*

Dec 22, 2011

An Apron for My Mom

Happy Mother's Day!

Dec 18, 2011

Last Meeting in 2011

Yesterday was my last meeting with Devi and Aal in 2011. Another photo session again in front of Times Bookstore because the sparkling lights amazed Devi. My holiday in my hometown is going to be as usual : b-o-r-i-n-g as hell. Seriously in critical need of a vacation trip so I can post a bunch of great pictures here *sigh*.

Dec 14, 2011

My Starbucks Tumbler

Bought myself a Starbucks tumbler a couple of weeks ago and the first thing that popped up in my mind are these influential people to decorate the tumbler : Adam Young, Audrey Hepburn, Chris Colfer, Cory Monteith and Zooey Deschanel. Mine is 8oz and the capacity is way too small...the only benefit is it fits well in my small-sized bags. But the tumbler still comes in handy though!

Spend this Wednesday by re-watching Glee episodes and...spotted! My favorite vintage fashion blogger, Aya Smith, wore the same dress as Dianna Agron had on the last episode of season two.

Dec 13, 2011

Granted Wish

Last Sunday, I managed to walk for miles (I didn't count, but it was a really, really long walk) with my sister for the sake of these Christmas lights. Finally. The sparkly views in front of Times bookstore was worth it! Actually it was quite creepy to walk only two of us, at night, and the sidewalk was so quiet. But it was fun to peek those luxurious houses along the street. New thing on my wish list : take another walk, but in the noon!

Dec 12, 2011


If you always read my blog and Tumblr posts, you must be familiar with my Sylvanian bunny doll, Caramel. She is a resemblance of my former pet, a lop ear rabbit (also called Caramel) which was given to me as 15th birthday gift from my ex. I was not sure if Caramel was a male or female but then I convinced myself that the gender is female.
 I couldn't take my eyes off the cage but around one month later, I started to get bored. Haha yeah, I'm really not good at giving a long-lasting affection to my properties. My mother was concern about Caramel's condition so she suggested me to just give her away to my cousin, so I did it. Never heard of her again until this afternoon, when me and my family visited my cousin's house.....

This is not Caramel. This is his wife. Yes, Caramel was actually a male rabbit! He died this February, but before it, he already had four babies with this female lop ear rabbit. Their babies didn't survive. My Aunt said that she always wanted to tell me about this but unfortunately, she always forgot as well.
Too bad I left all of Caramel's photos in my old hard disk. Rest in peace, buddy. I'm so sorry I was unable to be a good master for you.

Dec 10, 2011


 Christmas is coming to town. Took a walk around my friend's boarding house when we were stuck on our assignment and so stoked to see LED lights and Christmas wreaths on the doors! Too bad what I got in my hand that time was only my friend's digital camera... but I was quite shocked to see the result. Night vision of Canon Ixus 220 HS is fine, it is able to take a clear and bright picture of the night sky. The moonlight was so shiny though.
 Now I'm planning to go out at night around Lippo Village to take pictures of Christmas lights and decorations during this December. But first, I need a friend to accompany me, a vehicle (it's impossible to just walk!) and a DSLR. Wish me luck.

Dec 2, 2011

Early Santa

Not a good Santa actually, because actually my main purpose was to throw my old stuffs away. Keychain, hair clips, silver necklaces and pendants... I no longer want them all yet it's too sad to see them in a grubby trash bin. So I got them all into a box and dropped this "giveaway" at my favorite park near my house.
I think I can do this once a month... I have too many unwanted things from my past as a freaky pinkaholic.

PS : I'm deleting some of my old posts that I consider... unnecessary, haha. And for welcoming the new year, I'm going to give this blog another new layout by simplifying it more and more... as you can see now. Header will be replaced in 2012!