Feb 28, 2012

Baley, Baley

In critical need of a long, long holiday and far, far away from Karawaci. Being stuck here for 2 months after Christmas and New Year holiday (which was also a tiresome holiday because I didn't go anywhere) is like being coated by thick dust and my brain feels like... being covered with sticky spider webs that decrease my sanity level. Second semester will be ended on May and the third semester begins on July or August... I forget, but I have decided to take short semester this year (in attempt to get rid of all FLA subjects because these subjects are a bunch of big distractions for me to get focus on Interior subjects) so, phew, I have to be patient until October, Lebaran holiday.
I wish I were in Bali right now. I miss that place so extraordinarily much.

Feb 24, 2012

A Follower on Friday

No, this little dog isn't my new pet. He approached me for several times after I got off the bus from the campus, and I rewarded him with a caress before I left. And this afternoon I met him again when I was back from the mini market with my sister and Aria. He totally followed us, until we were upstairs and about to enter the house... we were confused for a minute but then Aria took him to the security officers to ask if they knew this dog's owner, but they did not.

We assumed that he had no master, so we took care of him for a while, with malt milk and some embraces. However, three of us were actually doubtful. For a stray dog, this dog was very clean and looked well treated (I didn't even smell any stink!) and later, it was all answered... suddenly he reached the door, just as a sign that he wanted to go out. We let the dog out (aw, yeah, literally) and he deftly stepped out, sniffed along the road and it was our turn to follow him. Until.... the real owner came. Mystery solved... case closed.

There was a little disappointment haha, because he was a silent cutie with real puppy eyes. We even thought to make him as a company for Aria's beagle, Beatles (Bebe, for short). 

But the owner told us that he purposely let his dog wanders outside the house, so there will be a chance every day to see him. (By the way I'm not really sure about his type... is it Australian cattle dog? CMIIWW.)


Feb 18, 2012

Build to Last

This weekend, me and my friends and seniors from Interior Design UPH had a social movement event at TK Bahagia in Pluit, North Jakarta. The point is, we helped the school staffs to renovate and re-paint the whole building to make it less dreary and cheerier for children's learning activities.
I was interested to join because I thought it would be fun to paint with a real wall paint on a real wall for the kids. But then later, the committee asked me to make the wall painting design...

How does it feel to draw on something bigger than A0 paper? Nervous...

The first sketch. I didn't expect that  the wall would be much bigger than what I visualized in my mind.

Unable to think for more blabbing here haha, off to sleep!

Feb 15, 2012


Typing this while I'm also wondering is it possible to finish all of my crappy assignments tonight (four of them have to submitted tomorrow) so... I need a break. I seriously need a long holiday because the routine I'm going through every day feels so interminable and I don't even like to do these all. A typography poster says "If you like it, do it. If you don't like it, don't do it." In Bahasa, my response would be, "Ngomong sih gampang" but how if actually this life is possible to be that simple? How if we don't think too much in taking decisions, everything will be much easier and we all can be happier? In the other side, those successful people keep reminding us that a big sacrifice is required to achieve things in the future, which means no matter how exhausting it is or how much we hate doing it, we have to keep going on.
Back to my crazy idea to quit the university.....

The society gets me down. Feel like banishing myself. 

Feb 14, 2012


Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. I don't feel any ambience of this lovey-dovey celebration this year due to the inhuman amount of assignments and I don't really care actually, haha. I gave homemade pink chocolate sticks to my 30 chosen friends last year and I don't think even for a sec to do that ritual again...
I wore black outfit from top to toe today, by the way.

 Today is also my friend Adrian's 20th birthday. Freaking 20, gosh.... my turn will be next year.

Feb 12, 2012

"With Surprise Inside!"

Just like these Kinder Joy eggs, every single week in my life as university student is labeled with that tagline. Every Monday night I'll be wondering in my room, what kind of hell assignment from Studio Studies class I'm going to accept on Monday. The task is like a vague surprise, but the ominous one. How my whole week will be going is a mystery too, I don't know if it will be either hectic, exhausting, fun, boring or dreary. If my old mates asked me to hang out on weekend, my answer would be, "Depends on my assignments."
And here I am, on Monday night, wondering what will be going on this week.

Feb 10, 2012


My sister's boyfriend, Aria, gave us this kaleidoscope toy. Uber cool.

 By the way, do you notice that the day / night sky is so damn pretty these days? Supreme blue in the day, and the moon is unusually bright in the night. This evening, the sky color reminds me of grape-orange ice cream scoop with an extra bonus : rainbow. If only I had a capable camera to keep these marvelous views, graaah.

Feb 3, 2012

Lesson Learned

NEVER eat one whole piece of Roppan honey toast.

Feb 2, 2012

Hey, F

Today is the last day of Block Teaching week for Interior Design 2011 class.....such a bless. The climax part, installation project that requires the students to make a bigger 3D construction than the usual weekly assignment, was damn exhausting. However, it's done. Time to hibernate.
Since I won't upload anything from the Block Teaching, enjoy these random shots!

Landscape painting by Kung, my classmate. He taught himself to be an acrylic painter only by watching the tutorials on YouTube. Impressive.

Observational Graphics assignment... calendar with technical font.

This is a flash disk.

Alice's "deceiving" wallet. The first time I saw it, I thought it was a chunk of tempe that wrapped in newsprint, haha!

Notice the wall?

My new watch. Yes, what did I say about the transition craps and the new "me" who no longer in obsession with pink things? In this case, my excuse is... as a university student and procrastinator, I terribly need one, and this Hello Kitty watch is the only affordable and decent type that I found. This also reminds me of Robert Langdon and his Mickey Mouse watch. Yeah... 

Another food sent from heaven.