Feb 15, 2012


Typing this while I'm also wondering is it possible to finish all of my crappy assignments tonight (four of them have to submitted tomorrow) so... I need a break. I seriously need a long holiday because the routine I'm going through every day feels so interminable and I don't even like to do these all. A typography poster says "If you like it, do it. If you don't like it, don't do it." In Bahasa, my response would be, "Ngomong sih gampang" but how if actually this life is possible to be that simple? How if we don't think too much in taking decisions, everything will be much easier and we all can be happier? In the other side, those successful people keep reminding us that a big sacrifice is required to achieve things in the future, which means no matter how exhausting it is or how much we hate doing it, we have to keep going on.
Back to my crazy idea to quit the university.....

The society gets me down. Feel like banishing myself. 


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