Mar 27, 2012

Sweetest Barn

 Nanny's Pavillon Garden
Nanny's Pavillon Terrace
Nanny's Pavillon Living Room
Nanny's Pavillon Bathroom
Nanny's Pavillon Library
Nanny's Pavillon Barn
Nanny's Pavillon Sewing Room

Mar 25, 2012

Meanwhile in Falcon Project 2012

Last week, another event was held at UPH, this time was presented by the Faculty of Computer Science.  I was so happy to find 9GAG memes everywhere in the campus area, but what disappoints me is I only managed to take three pictures and they are all in bad quality because I was in a rush. So the first three pictures below were taken from Falcon Project 2012's Facebook Page.

Mar 23, 2012

Weirdo Sleeps Here

On Okto's birthday last October, he gave me a birthday tart he received from his friends because he couldn't eat it all. So me, the black hole, accept the honor to take the leftovers, haha.
And then I noticed the cuteness of Maqui's box... so I cut it out...

...and turned it into a wall decoration in my room!

Mar 21, 2012

Because Sick People Are Everywhere

Was checking my inbox a couple of days ago and then, "Dafuq did I just read?"

Both of them were fake Twitter accounts, especially made for me and my sister. Because they are protected, I immediately made a new Twitter account to follow these accounts and found some creepy tweets inside the timelines.... later, the faker changed the username of both accounts and (I think) blocked me, so I lost the track.

If you find a strange Twitter / Facebook / blog / any kind of social network account below my or my sister's name, please let me know.

Mar 17, 2012


Last Tuseday I had a chance to visit International Furniture and Craft Fair Indonesia 2012 at Kemayoran with my friends and seniors from Interior UPH for free (the ticket price was IDR 100.000, daaang).
Cameras were actually not allowed, but well, it was a big obligation to take pictures!

Found this exquisite end desk for only IDR 445.000 at Tamara Danielle Interior's stand. I was quite serious to buy this thing but I didn't bring any cash, the fair ends on Wednesday and they didn't provide delivery service. The supervisor said that those furnitures might look antique and old but they are actually new. Another sad news is, their factory and showroom are located in Jepara, which is very.... far far away.

The noble Union Jack cabinet for only IDR 500.000 something, for God's sake. This one was already booked.

And did you see that pink dollhouse cupboard???

By the way, kindly check my sister's Tumblr! She has a lovely portfolio, and those are some GIF images she created....

LOL, haha!

I love this one!

 Me... haha.

Mar 14, 2012

Golden Spots

If you are a 9GAGer, you will recognize him!