Jun 4, 2012

Birthday Presents

Loubelle dress from Adrian. Damn vintage.
Just received this cutie from Josephine this morning! Thank you so much, dear!
 Made by Sherlyn as an art trade. I made her blog header, check it out :D
Pocket mirror and can box from my sister and her boyfriend.
Ultra cute birthday card from Josephine Sutji! I adore her works so much! Go give a visit to her blog and please yourself :D
I made her a card too, but too bad I'm not as skilled as her at handcrafting. I'm super bad at using scissors, haha. She loves teddy bear so much, so I pictured her having a dreamy slumber together with her fluffy family.

...I also bought myself a present. The second gadget that I bought with my own money (after my camera). I feel victorious yet sorrowful for spending so much money on one thing but at least I put no additional burden on my parents. And now because I'm on a process to fill my cash box back (read : I FREAKING NEED SO MUCH MONEY NOW)....you guys may give me a little help for the upcoming art commission I have told you before. Please, stay tuned :)


Esther Angela said...

happy belated birthday :D

Sherlyn Lavenia said...

uwooh xD ci jess tempel pajangannya pake apa? sorry if it turned out messy ._.

Josephine Sutji said...

so cute! :* too bad I haven't receive it :( i'll let you know as soon as that ultra adorable card arrive safely in my mail box!

Jessica Xu said...

thank you, Esther :D

Jessica Xu said...

Wha...? Oh my, I wonder why it takes so long! :(( it's almost a week. Yep pls tell me a.s.a.p after you received it!
(jadi ga surprise deh huhu)

Jessica Xu said...

pake double tape haha! btw jadi enak loh kalo nyander di tembok, ada yg empuk2 gitu hahaha

Newspaper Article said...

met ultah juga mbak, seneng ya dapet hadiah bagus2..

Jessica Xu said...

iya seneng. makasih!

Delia Salsabila said...

that's all cute
and anyway happy birthday!


Jessica Xu said...

Thank you, Delia! :D

Jessica said...

ahhh! love all the stuffs in all the photos!!!!
love the photo decor of your bedroom too!
anw, yesssss i'm going to UPH too. 2009 student xp

Jessica Xu said...

Hey thank you so much!! :D
Whoa what major? Maybe we have ever met somewhere, hehe.

Jaclyn Chew said...

Hi there,

I’m representing HK Disneyland looking for bloggers to send over to Hong Kong Disneyland in 2012 for a sponsored trip and in exchange bloggers would have to do a few blog coverage on Hong Kong Disneyland on behalf of the client.

Shall you be keen, please email me at jaclyn@sirens.my

I have previously sent some bloggers like Woro (http://thepradonos.com/?p=4459) and Dianarikasari (http://dianarikasari.blogspot.com/2012/04/disneyland-hong-kong-day-1.html) just recently in March 2012 and we are keen to work with more bloggers for 2012.

Do hope to hear from you soon!


Jessica Xu said...

I have sent the reply to your e-mail. Keep me posted! :D

Sastika Taniady said...

wahh just saw your blog and found out that it's so pretty. loving your doodles, loving your header, loving your pictures gahhhh loving almost everything. just dropping by to say I love your blog and sorry before because I'm gonna start stalking your blog LOL happy belated birthday by the way!

Cheers :)

Jessica Xu said...

Oh your comment makes my morning, thank you so much! It's okay, feel free to stalk haha! I'm glad to know it. Thanks a lot, Sastika! :D

M said...

that birthday card
is just too sweet :) :)

Jessica Xu said...

Yep Josephine is so talented ;D

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