Oct 17, 2012

Bless This Bliss

Greatest bliss of the week : River Island watch that I ordered from Asos has arrived. I bought this because of reasons... yeah, Owl City. Right.

Snow White chocolate candy.

I have seen a LOT of mason jars in every home decor and crafting blogs that I stalk every day so I was so happy to finally see them. Bought these two (will buy more... soon after I move out to a bigger place, well, hopefully) but still have no idea what should I do with them.

Calories-hoarding at Bakerzin.

Did you guys watch the live streaming of Red Bull Stratos' Mission to the Edge of Space?? That was like one of the most epic thing I have ever witnessed in my life. The Austrian skydiver, Felix Baumgartner, managed to break the highest free fall world record after he went up to 128,100 feet with a helium-filled balloon (something like outer space hot air balloon..?), jumped from the edge of space and reached the Earth ground in approximately 9 minutes. More info here.

The view of where I stand while waiting for the bus.

Thia's Lotso keychain and Balenciaga.


janice vania said...

that is a super cute watch! oh and i have the exact same Lotso keychain :3
may i know what camera are you using, btw? cool pictures, as always!


Jessica Xu said...

Thank you, Janice! <3
I use Canon Ixus 105 to take daily pictures (DSLR is too heavy) :D

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

That watch is adorable! I saw it on the RI website this week. Should probably head to their shop too:)

P.S. I love your banner<3


Jessica Xu said...

Aw an owl commented on my blog hehe, thank you so much! :D

eudoraa said...

all cutess!

join my first giveaway for indonesian resident only :) http://eudoraeudoraa.blogspot.com/2012/10/first-giveaway.html

thanks! :D

Jessica Xu said...

thanks ;D

rental mobil murah said...

aww.. love the cakes.. :D looks so yummy..

iklan baris tanpa daftar said...

cute lotso.. >< wanna have it one..

Delia Salsabila said...

omg that's lotso! xxxxxx
you can change that plain jar into the glow in the dark jar ;)


Jessica Xu said...

yup I have a idea to do it, still searching for glow sticks.. .__.

fhenny said...

lovely photos! and i believe that jar will makes a great decor

style frontier

Jessica Xu said...

yup thanks!

Ruby and Rosa said...

likes that bakerzin cake so yummy!
what's it?
and where did you get that lot so keychain XD ?
cutee ♥

Ruby and Rosa

Jessica Xu said...

It's strawberry cheesecake :D
Oh the keychain belongs to my friend, she bought it in US :)

Marsha Karta Swardharma said...

where you got that mason jar ? I really want one for my daily juice....

BlushOff [Beauty Blog]

Jessica Xu said...

Ace Hardware :)

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