Feb 22, 2013

Cutest Thing Ever...

I received this uber-kawaii cookie jar from Joshua on Valentine's Day. I can't stand its cuteness...I mean, do you guys notice that those mini clay figures resemble me and my two favorite people in this world, Audrey Hepburn and Owl City's Adam Young??? The Deer and The Owl are present as well, along with the three of us. Unfortunately The Deer is badly injured, both of my hands and Audrey's were initially dismantled and Adam lost his nose, but hey... who cares! I will treasure this forever!
And I was absolutely thrilled to pieces to see my favorite things were adorably glazed on these cookies...

*grinning from ear to ear*

Feb 5, 2013


Unpublished Aubergine Garland postcards, hairpins, daily doodles (most of them were made during uninteresting classes), Keith, washi tapes (my current obsession), souvenir from Scotland (with hoax printed on it), mint chocolate and green tea, brie mushroom burger a.k.a truck driver's meal, Jersey Lacey wingtip shoes, Owl City DVD from my dear penpal Joshua, a set of unpublished Valentine cards, 13th shoes, extremely cute faux cake, another faux cake, Thia's 20th birthday party, a vintage illustration on The Goods Diner' toilet stall (lol), my elixir of life, my tackily decorated Muji notebook, printed clip arts for scrapbook supplies, frozen glue, Lydia's Nici keychain.