Jan 26, 2012


The Yearbook : La Fete is finally here. La Fete means "party" in French, and that is the universal theme for each class' photo session. Another classes took the sub themes such as glamour party, night party, tea party, garden party, birthday party, kids party and house party... and then it came up with a confusion for my own class. Then I got a bell ring from one of Gogirl! magazine's photo spread : exquisite pictures of a hippie couple at a meadow. I thought it was a brilliant idea because hippie theme doesn't require any expensive fee for renting a place (simply look for a vacant lot!) and the costumes are quite easy. My class accepted the idea and ta-daaa....!
The VW van, VW beetle car and vespa were borrowed from Adys' super generous neighbor... for free!

Jan 19, 2012

Nasal Mucus and Phlegm

Hey, guys.... I'm sick. Cough, flu, overheat, headache and ready-to-faint-anytime, but now I'm healthy enough to bounce around on the Internet. I have a half dozen of assignments to do for next week so wish me luck. A very great luck. This week is pretty boring and I don't take any single pictures so far. Oh, and fun fact : I lose 3 kilos, and it turned out that my previous weight was *insert a very long series of drum rolls* .......59. What can you expect from a 18-years-old girl who almost reached 60?? Eat, pray and die. I made a serious list of 2012 resolutions because of this. And please don't freak out, physically I don't look that fat. Really...
By the way, Happy Katy Perry-ing for those who celebrate it. Just saw a photo of my friends with the cute set of candy land at the venue and I'm quite sad about it. I'll just wait for Katy's twin sister, Zooey Deschanel, to come here. I was in a big dilemma about emptying my cash or not to buy the ticket months ago but I decided that there are still a lot of neglected things on my to-buy-list and besides, as always, I have that famous financial issues. I also made a serious list of 2012 resolutions because of this.

Pic taken when my weight was around 53.

Jan 11, 2012

Holiday Gifts

The hand sanitizer was from Thia, and the scent is so unique because it smells like a gingerbread cookie. (Actually she gave me another souvenir as I requested : hooker cards from Vegas, just for fun haha!)
And the Betsey Johnson bunny earrings were recommended by Anggi, so I bought it.

Jan 10, 2012

October - December, 2011

Done. I once mentioned about a video project in this post and here is the result. Feel free to make critics because I know the compilation is not really good, haha. But I'm keep going on for this and will make one video for one month because the process is fun and very easy. 
By the way, the background music is titled The Winner Is by Mychael Danna from Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack, I can't add the credits in the description because YouTube is having a technical error....

My first 3 days of semester two only allowed me to get 8 hours of sleep. I had a sleepless night yesterday  due to my unfinished Observational Graphics holiday assignment but me and my friends ended up.... staying tuned on a hilarious twitwar : @HaqueMarissa vs @apriliokevin and @addiems and I have to say that this narcissistic politician is mentally disturbed. Her blog is even funnier than Smosh videos. And I adore Kevin and Addie's son-and-dad bond so much!

(Why on earth am I talking about this?)

Jan 6, 2012

New Header!

New header, yaaaay. Do you like it?
I made it yesterday, for around 4 hours because I was so out of idea and as you can see, the drawing is quite abstract and similar with the previous one. I pictured myself dressed up in a jam jar and I don't even know what does it mean. Anyway, I still have to finish the sidebar part for About Me, social media buttons and etc, etc before this Sunday because my second semester starts next week and sleepless nights are coming...

Track in mini mp3 player at the bottom of page is updated! : Clean White Love by Lisa Mitchell. Enjoy!

Jan 4, 2012


 Some manipulated views of my campus : black and white + maximum brightness = winter! Yeah you wish, haha.

PS : Still working on new header and I'm completely stuck!

Jan 3, 2012

Some Flashbacks

 Yedam's MacBook.
 Thia's obsession : Jared Leto.
The last time I ate Sour Sally fro-yo. This used to be very addictive.
 Engracia's super cool drawing!!

Jan 2, 2012

Sincere Greeting Cards

 You know that nowadays most of people send broadcast messages on BlackBerry Messenger instead of personal messages as seasonal greetings, so I decided to send these cards to my friends via post, with manually written messages and wishes.

Happy New Year 2012!