May 31, 2012

Pink-Framed Wonderland

A very late birthday present for Josephine. This digital painting is very childlike, but the message that I want to deliver to her is, growing up doesn't mean it's not okay to have your childish dream floats in your own Wonderland. As Ursula K. Le Guin said : "The creative adult is the child who survived."

PS : In the beginning of this July, I'm going to work on an art commission, which means you can buy my artwork prints and request custom made artworks! Stay tuned :)

May 30, 2012

Charity Night 2012 : The Wicked

Attended the annual Charity Night in my alma mater, SMAK Penabur GS last Friday on May 18. My juniors who are in twelfth grade now presented the famous Broadway musical drama, The Wicked. I have to say that the show was spectacular! The plot was actually a little confusing for me, but I really appreciated what the cast and crews had hardly worked on : the stage settings, properties, the costumes... and the whole cast did a marvelous job. Glinda was so expressive and Elphaba sang beautifully.

 Photos are courtesy of Filemon Sondakh and Jessica Yohanes.

And this is me with my junior, Josephine :3

May 26, 2012

May Artworks

Those are the prints of several artworks I have produced this month. Quite many people asked me about how do I make drawings and most of them also asked if whether I use drawing tablet or manual sketching and then scan it to computer. Well, actually I made the entire drawing and coloring in Adobe Photoshop CS 3 by using a mouse, because I have tried using drawing tablet once and I didn't really like it, and I'm also not really comfortable with the sketch-and-scan technique because it takes a long process, hehe.

 Kurt and Blaine With Hot Pretzels
They are the reason for me to keep watching Glee. To be honest, I started to hate this series because it has turned into Rachel Berry Show. (Sorry, Gleeks!)
This is an aviator boy, waiting for his girl to dress up because they are going to have a rendezvous on the plane (he came in through the small window above). Haha, I don't know what kind of story is this.
 The Inconsistent Girl.
A quick, pointless drawing.
 Illuminated Luna.
My version of Luna Lovegood.
Let your imagination tells the tale of these characters.
Giant Inflatable Porpoise.
You saw this in my previous post! (Still screaming)
Arnold and Bunny Mask.
This is an artwork gift for the young and fashionable Arnold Teja, whose preppy-ness and cuteness has inspired me to make something for him.  I'm super glad to know that he loves the picture and even posted it to his blog. Check Arnold's adorable and chic looks here!

May 24, 2012

Joy After the End of Second Semester

Went to Trans Studio Bandung with Jesslyn, Okto, Thia and Devianne two weeks ago. I was sick with flu and cough but I insisted...


 Visited Thia's grandmother after the trip to amusement park.

May 19, 2012

Giant Inflatable Porpoise

One of the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me : my most favorite guy, poet, and musician ever, Adam Young from Owl City, REPLIED TO MY TWEET during the Q&A session last Friday.

I have been joining this weekly Q&A session since the first one but always not lucky enough to get a reply (even on my birthday when I have screamed to myself at the top of my lungs) because one second after Adam announced the start of the Q&A, more than 200 questions per minute (according to the "Search" on the Twitter application that I use, Echofon) were sent to him. So I gave myself a suggestion to use my other account with my old username (@weirdoinpink) with the hope that my chance could be bigger. AND IT WORKED, PEOPLE. I was busily spamming my timeline with questions that I have prepared before for a week on TextEdit and suddenly I took a glimpse... I read the word "weirdoinpink" on my timeline and asdfghjkl...that word "weirdoinpink" came from @owlcity's tweet. I gasped, trembled (not kidding) and yeah...pretty dying in excitement. I have promised to myself that, if Adam replied me for real, I will make a t-shirt with his reply printed on it. Yes, weirdo. 
So far, I have made this,  I was pretending that "Giant Inflatable Porpoise" was a new single from Owl City and this is the childish version of the cover :

I'm so happy because the word that he gave to me was "Giant Inflatable Porpoise" because it's so drawable, haha! I wish I could find a decent custom t-shirt digital printing a.s.a.p to make that t-shirt. Looks like porpoise is my lucky charm from now on. If I had a chance to find a inflatable porpoise (not the giant one, it'll be a waste of space in my tiny room), I would definitely buy that thing.

May 17, 2012

Past and Future

This is No. 1 Pocket Kodak from USA in year 1920s (if I'm not mistaken) and another thing that I remember is I have just watched Midnight in Paris. Not a movie that I praise a lot, but it gave me a big smile and series of grinning because Gil, the leading protagonist, is a resemblance of my hopeless desire of being born decades Paris. Sometimes before I fell asleep, I literally prayed to God for a time machine, so I can go back to the past, to the exact year that I wish and think I belong to, and... live my life to the fullest. Weirdo.
By the way, I'm finally on holiday now after these stressful months. But not for long, because next week is the start of my first short semester, which is my attempt to get rid of all FLA subjects as soon as  possible so my concentration on Interior subjects in next semesters won't be distracted anymore.
I have promised myself to be very productive and make no excuses to not drawing during the short semester because it won't be as hectic as the usual semester, and I have made 6 drawings this week, yay! So I guess my next updates will be full of my artwork posts :)

May 9, 2012

Happy Mail

Lovely package I received around three weeks ago : two postcards and a wallet I ordered for my sister. The postcards were sent from Postcrossing members in Adelaide, Australia and Port Angeles, USA. The wallet is the "mighty" type which is currently booming, made from tyvek paper with various uncanny and deceiving motifs. I chose the vintage air mail envelope because.... it looks vintage.

May 5, 2012


Yesterday was my 19th birthday, my late idol Audrey Hepburn's 83rd birthday and Star Wars Day!
I'm not stoked, my brain is overloaded by this disturbing voice which is repeated over and over again, "You are 20 next year, you are 20 next year, you are 20 next year"... it feels like being 19 is the very last limit of youth. That's not true anyway, I just feel that way because I'm afraid of growing up....
So my birthday was started with a pre birthday dinner with calories-booster food from PHD in my house at midnight (duh) and continued with the online Q&A session at 6 o'clock in the morning with my favorite guy ever, Adam Young from Owl City. I was so daaaamn excited when he announced this Q&A a week ago because the schedule was set on my birthday. I was so hopeful that he would answer my tweet because I mentioned my birthday, Audrey Hepburn's birthday and the annual celebration day of Star Wars (he adores Audrey and a big fan of Star Wars) but well I was still not lucky enough haha.
Later, I had my birthday dinner with Devi and Adrian at Nanny's Pavillon. The day flew too fast.

Digital card from Swapi. Thank you!! Was too tired to make myself a birthday card haha.